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Anger and Stress Management

We offer workshops that can help:

  • Calming the Storm: Co-Regulation -Regulation Strategies for Your Intense or Emotional Child

  • Supporting Your Child to Manage BIG Emotions

  • Taming the Dragon: Anger and Stress Management

Check out our Workshops or view our Event Calendar to see what workshops are being offered at this time.

For local resources, visit the MyDufferin directory of services.


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Handouts and Videos

Books Specific Topics Anger Management

Self-Care / Stress Management Anxiety


Handouts and Videos

"Just Breathe" – Youtube Video, Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman, Mindful Schools

Anger Ladder Chart - Levels of Anger – Image, Play Attune

Anger Iceberg – Image, The Gottman Institute

Anger Management – PDF

H.A.L.T. Handout – PDF


Specific Topics

Anger Management

Self-Care / Stress Management




Many of our book recommendations are available through your local library! We encourage you to take advantage of the local resources available to you. If you would like to support the author, you can click the book titles below and you will be taken to the Amazon book listing for your convenience.

Hold On to Your Kids 

Gordon Neufeld, PhD and Gabor Maté, MD

5 Love Languages of Children

Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell

* Please note that these links are shared for information purposes only and the sharing of this information should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation on the part of The Parent Support Network.

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